It was just me with my three little girls and a stroller.

We went to Dillard’s at the mall, which we rarely do. Maybe once a year do I end up at the mall, and my girls had never been there that they could remember.

But Libby saw the escalator and really, really, really wanted to go on it.

“Okay, girls, hold on just a minute longer and we’ll get over to that escalator, I promise.”

I was pretty confident that I could navigate the escalator even with Laela in the stroller — despite the fact that the warning signs against it are extremely obvious and everywhere.

So Libby hops right on, after I told her how to do it. She was confident and so she was only slightly shaky when she got on.

Avery was right behind her, only she got hung up. She wasn’t nearly as confident as Libby. She was hesitating for too long; Libby was starting to get way up there.

I was getting a little nervous because I didn’t know if Libby would get off as successfully as she got on; there was just no telling.

“Just step up onto the step Avery; you can do it. Hurry now. Just do it.”

And so she did…only she didn’t have sure footing so she started to fall.

It all happened so very fast.

I was behind the stroller, just watching Avery at this point. She was toppling and trying to regain her footing and just not succeeding at it.

And then she began to fall…like roll down the metal escalator from about a third of the way up it. Oh my gosh, the horror. I ditched the stroller and ran up the escalator to save her, my precious 3-yr-old.

“Are you okay, honey?!”

She wasn’t crying. It was a miracle. She was just stunned by it. Seriously a miracle.

And then I saw that we were over halfway up and Libby was so very close to the top. I needed to tell Libby what to do, but I needed to get back down to my baby that was at the bottom in the stroller still.

I tell Libby to help Avery get off so she doesn’t fall and then to move out of the way.

I’m kind of praying while I’m running down the “up” escalator to get back to my baby that we left behind. I looked ridiculous, but I was in survival mode (haha) and didn’t care.

So now all of a sudden I’m nervous about putting my stroller on the escalator, but I have to because my other little girls are at the top.

They’re safe and waiting for me, but they’re in the way of me getting the stroller off.

“Move girls. I need room to get the stroller off safely. Move quickly, please. Right now.”

Oh good, they obeyed. Another miracle. (Just kidding).

Avery never cried. If you know Avery, that in and of itself is miraculous, but the fact that she wasn’t very hurt by rolling down a metal escalator is amazing too.

Pretty funny now, if you ask me.